iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, heralded as the "biggest leap since the original iPhone," uses an all stainless steel body design with an ultra high-density 3.5-inch, IPS, LED-backlit 960x640 326 ppi multi-touch "retina" display, mobile and data antennas integrated in the "metal band" that wraps around the sides of the phone, and a chemically hardened "aluminosilcate" glass front over both the display and a black frame and the chemically hardened black glass back as well.

Below are a selection of repairs we offer for the iPhone 4. All prices include VAT and fitting and all repairs come with a 90 day warranty. If you have any further questions or you don't think your specific fault is listed, feel free to get in touch.

Our pricing

Repair type Price Average repair time
Replacement display £45.00 30 minutes
Replacement display & rear casing £60.00 30 minutes
Battery £25.00 10 minutes
Dock connector £35.00 20 minutes
Home button £25.00 30 minutes
Front camera £35.00 30 minutes
Rear camera £35.00 20 minutes
Power button £30.00 30 minutes
Volume/mute Button £30.00 45 minutes
Earpiece £30.00 30 minutes
Proximity flex £30.00 30 minutes
Loudspeaker £35.00 20 minutes
Vibrate motor £35.00 20 minutes
Audio transceiver £35.00 45 minutes
Signal antenna £30.00 30 minutes
Rear Case £20.00 10 minutes