Mac Mini 09

MacBook Mini 2009

On the outside, this Mac mini model looks all but identical to it's predecessor, using the exact same aluminum-and-white, 6.5- by 6.5- by 2-inch enclosure. But a quick glance at the back of the new Mac mini makes it clear this is an updated machine. Instead of the FireWire 400 and four USB ports of the 2007 mini, the new model sports five USB 2.0 ports and replaces the FireWire 400 port with a faster FireWire 800 connection.

Below are a selection of repairs we offer for the Mac Mini 2009. All prices include VAT and fitting and all repairs come with a 90 day warranty. If you have any further questions or you don't think your specific fault is listed, feel free to get in touch.

Our pricing

Repair TypePrice
Power Supply£180.00
RAM (4GB)£90.00
RAM (8GB)£135.00
500GB Hard Drive£120.00
1TB Hard Drive£150.00
2TB Hard Drive£190.00
250GB Solid State Drive£150.00
500GB Solid State Drive£240.00
1TB Solid State Drive£390.00
2TB Solid State Drive£650.00