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iPad Repair

Trusted iPad repairs based in Trinity Leeds using only genuine parts.

Cracked your iPad screen? Or are you noticing that battery isn't what it used to be? Don't worry, we can fix all types of problems usually in under an hour. We only use genuine parts to ensure the functionality of your iPad isn't hampered.

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iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation)

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iPad Pro 11-inch

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iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd Generation)

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iPad Pro 10.5-inch

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iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st Generation)

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iPad Pro 9.7-inch

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iPad Air 3

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iPad Air 2

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iPad Air

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iPad Mini 5

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iPad Mini 3

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Why repair your iPad with us?

iPatch are trusted by many individuals and companies to repair their devices, here's why.

Easy drop off

Drop your device into our Trinity Store or book an appointment at our Kirkstall Morrisons branch.

Original parts

Original parts are critical to a quality repair and to keep your device functioning correctly.

Fast turnaround

We keep stock of most parts, allowing us to complete nearly all repairs in under an hour and iPhone screens within 20 minutes.

Why use iPatch
90 day warranty

We guarantee our service, including replacement parts, for 90 days.


After trading for more than a decade, we’ve come to know the repair of iPad's back to front, inside out, and upside down.

Free, no obligation quotes

We offer free, no obligation quotes for all devices and repairs.

Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Who are iPatch?

iPatch is a service provided by an experienced and dedicated team, who will do their absolute best to solve your Apple device fault as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Now over 12 years old we have had more than 150,000 Apple devices through our doors and 20-30 iPhones a day!

iPhone screens are repaired within 20 minutes and almost all other repairs are done within the hour, no appointment necessary and diagnosis is completely free. Feel free to pop down and see us anytime!

How much does an iPhone repair cost?

The cost for your repair will depend on which model iPad you have and what part needs repairing. Most common repairs are cracked screens, batteries and charging ports. Apple charge an average of around £415 for any repairs across their range.

Because we can repair individual components we are often much cheaper, while still offering the same quality repairs. We only use genuine parts where available.

iPad screen repairs

If you’ve managed to crack your iPad’s glass screen or it has stopped working you’ll need a screen replacement. Some models with laminated displays would require a full display assembly. Luckily we can carry out nearly all screen replacements in under 1 hour using original parts.

Do you offer other repairs?

Yes we offer repairs to virtually any component, including batteries, screens, charging ports and button faults. We also offer logic board repair services, this can be useful to recover data or as a cheaper alternative to a full logic board change or replacement device.

We can also offer network unlocks from any UK network and some international networks.

Can you repair liquid damaged devices?

We have a lot of experience in dealing with liquid damaged devices. Our process involves fully disassembling the device, removing any shielding and then cleaning the logic board in an ultrasonic cleaner with a special solution. All other components will be assessed and tested to ensure they work.

If you’ve managed to get your device wet, we recommend powering it off, not charging the device and don’t put it in rice. Pop it down as soon as you can and we will begin the cleaning process.

How long will my repair take?

We aim to complete most iPad repairs in under 1 hour at our Trinity Leeds store, this includes screens, batteries and charging ports. More complex repairs such as liquid damage or charging port replacements can take a little longer to complete but we still aim to have your device repaired in an hour or two in those cases.

Network unlocks can take a few days to process in general, some can take a little longer depending on the Network provider and the device model.